The Inspiring History of Autcraft

A Safe Haven Born from a Father's Love

Autcraft was founded in 2013 by Stuart Duncan, a father of an autistic child, who saw the need for a safe and understanding online space for children with autism to play Minecraft. Recognizing the unique challenges these children face in traditional online environments, Stuart created Autcraft as a sanctuary where they could enjoy the game free from bullying and negativity.

Growing from a Small Server to a Global Community

What started as a small, close-knit server of players has blossomed into a thriving global network of players, parents, and supporters. Autcraft quickly gained attention for its innovative approach to creating an inclusive and supportive online environment. Over the years, it has grown to host thousands of players from all around the world, each finding a place where they can be themselves and make lasting friendships.

Pioneering a New Kind of Online Experience

Autcraft is more than just a Minecraft server—it's a pioneering example of how online gaming can be adapted to meet the needs of diverse communities. By implementing strict moderation, custom plugins, and a dedicated support team, Autcraft ensures that every player can enjoy a positive and enriching experience.

Recognized and Celebrated

The impact of Autcraft has not gone unnoticed. It has been featured in numerous media outlets and praised by organizations for its contributions to the autism community. Stuart, also known as AutismFather online, has become a respected advocate for creating safe online spaces for children with autism, sharing the success and lessons of Autcraft with the world.

A Place Where Your Child Can Thrive

When you register your child to play on Autcraft, you're not just signing them up for a game—you're giving them access to a community where they are understood, accepted, and supported. Autcraft provides a unique blend of fun, friendship, and learning that can help your child grow in confidence and social skills.

Current Version: 1.20.4

While you can connect to Autcraft with most versions of Minecraft, for most compatibility and stability when using the server, it is recommended that you connect with the same version that the server is running on.

You can learn how to change which version your game loads by reading this page:

Unique Features

Name Highlighting and Sound Notifications

For players that struggle with reading quickly, or maybe English isn't their first language, we've added the ability to have your name highlighted in the chat and even have it play a sound when someone says your name.

The command: /highlight

Type in the command then, using your mouse, choose the colour and sound you want. It's that easy!

The Darkness

The Darkness is an automated Wither fight centered around a Minecraft fox and over 300 command blocks. The fox randomly runs around the arena while the command blocks set off a chain of events such as spawning custom mobs and mob bosses around itself, making spooky sounds, changing the arena walls, floor and roof, creating particles and potion effects on the players, and more. When all of the bosses are defeated, The Darkness (the fox) collapses until it returns again.

For more info:

Feather Falling Prevents Crop Trampling

Feather Falling on a player's boots will prevent trampling farm land.

If you have crops planted and are worried about jumping around or landing too hard and ruining your farm, just put Feather Falling on your boots, at any enchantment level, and you will no longer have to worry!

Colourful Shulkers

Shulkers will now spawn in their natural "purpur" shade but also in one of the random 16 colours that they come in as well. Whether they are spawning in The End dimension or from a spawner or a spawn egg, it could spawn in any one of 17 different colours!

Wither Miner Pickaxe

You can now put the 4 different shiny Wither heads (red, green, yellow, and blue) into a crafting grid and they will combine to form the Wither Miner, which is a special netherite pickaxe with Efficiency 8!

This is the only pickaxe in the game that is capable of insta-mining deepslate.

Shiny wither heads will be consumed upon crafting.

Leap Frog

Putting all 3 of the shiny frog heads into a crafting grid will allow you to craft the Leap Frog head which will grant any player who wears it with Jump Boost VI.

So long as you wear the head, you will be able to jump much higher than normal or even with a Jump Boost beacon.

Shiny frog heads will be consumed upon crafting.

Baby Admins

Baby zombies wearing current Admin heads can and will spawn in overworld hard worlds anywhere that any other zombies can spawn. These will happen completely at random and do have a chance to drop the Admin head that it wears when it is killed by a player.

Put Animals On Your Head

Players can put a frog, a bee, or a chicken on their head with the command /onmyhead

Just use the command /onmyhead, and then right click on the frog, bee, or chicken that you want on your head. This can't be used in player protections that you're not a member of.

To remove the animal from your head, you can teleport or you can use the command /offmyhead

ChatGPT - AI

Players can now talk to Autcraft... the server itself.

We've integrated ChatGPT into our Chat Channels in such a way that players can join the channel called AI and talk directly to the server itself, or at least, an AI representation of the server.

ChatGPT is instructed to believe that it actually is the Autcraft server so it only provides responses to players as a Minecraft server would. Autcraft is well known to ChatGPT, using our TED Talk, Wikipedia page, and many news articles, so it does a generally good job of responding accurately but as it is only an AI model with limited knowledge, it is still best to just use for entertainment purposes, and for fun, and not an actual information source.

For more info:

Pet Teleport

Autcraft has many different worlds, including 4 overworlds for building and 2 worlds for gathering resources. Sometimes a player will find an animal that they want to keep in some world other than the world where their base is.

We've made it possible for players to teleport their tamed animals to them using a wooden hoe. They can right click on their pet or animal, go to their base, and right click the ground with their wooden hoe, and it will instantly teleport their animal to them!


24/7 Monitoring

Our staff is constantly watching the server whether you see us or not. Sometimes our staff is "in vanish," on the server where you can't see us, or watching via console (web interface).

Discord Alerts

Autcraft staff receive instant alerts via Discord for many things including text on signs, in books, in anvils, when a new player joins, and more.

Parent Contact

Autcraft requests the parent contact info for players under 18 in case that player is ever in danger, or feeling particularly down. In some cases, we'll also reach out when there is a problem.


Autcraft uses a custom filter that monitors chat, anvil names, signs, books, and more for inappropriate language. Depending on the language used, the action could be cancelled, the player could be muted, or even banned automatically.

No Public Discord

Discord, while a great communication tool, can be unsafe for younger people. In fact, only people 13 and older can even use Discord. Autcraft has a Discord server for Patreon supporters but not for the general public or even whitelisted players as this presents a huge risk to their safety and security.

Staff Conversations

While there is plenty of ways for players to reach staff (in game chat, in game mail, mail on our website, forums, and more), staff will never have private 1 on 1 conversations with players. Our conversations are always in places where other staff can monitor, for their safety and ours.


TED Talk

In April 2017, Stuart Duncan was invited to York University to give a TEDx Talk about Autcraft. Less than a year later, TED Talks featured the talk on their main website.

Since then, the talk continues to drive players to the server as it is presented in lectures and university classes to this day.

Games 4 Change

In 2019, Autcraft was invited to New York to present Autcraft at Games 4 Change.

PC Gamer Magazine

In May 2017, PC Gamer interviewed us and wrote an article that would go on to spawn many more articles from all around the world. We received so much traffic and so many whitelist requests that we didn't get caught up again until Christmas Eve.

Meet a Minecrafter

In 2018, Mojang visited Timmins to interview me and my kids about Autcraft for their YouTube series called Meet a Minecrafter.

BuzzFeed News

In 2014, the very first news story to be released about Autcraft hit the internet as we were interviewed by BuzzFeed News

ABC News

Interviewed by ABC News and Good Morning America.

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